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Workshops by Trudy are in Durham unless otherwise listed


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ONE DAY £65.00   TWO DAYS £130.00

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Available at Trudy’s home in Durham at a cost of £20 per hour (min 2hrs)

Any subject which she teaches can be covered.

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Workshops List

MERMAIDS Register interest
This half-day workshop (3 hours) explores these fascinating mystical creatures of the sea.
Are Mermaids a myth, legend or factual?  We look at different perceptions and how they came about over time.  Delve into sightings and recollections.  If they are real, what about their biology and appearance? Study notable Mermaids, including the Mermaid of Zennor.  A guided meditation is included; also oracle cards and shell reading. This workshop takes your understanding of Mermaids way beyond the realms of fairy tales.
SPIRIT GUIDES (ONE DAY) Register interest
Discover the difference between Guides and Angels.  How many types of Guides are there and what are their differing purposes?  Learn how to recognise signs you have encountered them and enter into direct dialogue through a variety of techniques. Discover which fragrances draws your Guides close and the impact of diet on strengthening the connection. This inspiring workshop includes meditation, visualisation and exercises including scrying, dowsing and automatic writing.
ANGEL AWARENESS (ONE DAY)   Register interest
This workshop offers a balanced combination of awareness, healing and meditation which allows you to embrace these wonderful beings of light in a safe and protected environment. Subjects covered include: Grounding, Attunement, Protection. What are Angels? How to connect with Angels, the Angelic hierarchy, Golden Hands exercise & healing, invocations, writing to your Guardian Angel, Forgiveness Decree.
Ascension is a journey we undertake in accordance with the spiritual laws of the planet to raise the frequency of our lightbody and take true mastery of our life. When we commit ourselves to the pathway of ascension the Masters note our intent and assist us on our journey. Ascension can thus be seen as a process by which we seek to absolve karma and live a life blessed by unconditional love from both ourselves and those who draw close.
MARY MAGDALENE (ONE DAY) Register interest
This workshop offers an opportunity to explore the true journey of Mary Magdalene. What was her purpose for incarnating at precisely the same time and in the same location as the Christ child? Learn of her connection to Isis and the Egyptian dynasties, the Essenes and Merovingians. How is she linked to King Arthur and Camelot? And just what is the Holy Grail? Discover this and more…
TWIN FLAMES (ONE DAY) Register interest
This workshop is an opportunity to follow the human quest to reconnect with our Twin Flame.  Discover the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  How do we draw close to our Twin Flame and recognise the signs that we have encountered them?  Reunite via meditation in readiness for connection in physical life. A day filled with visualisation, deep meditation and practical exercises.
INTO THE LIGHT (ONE DAY) Register interest
In this workshop learn practical techniques to raise the light quotient of your body and thus live your life at a higher level of awareness. Subjects covered: Evolution of the Soul. How do we Ascend? Building the Lightbody, Antakarana Bridge, Higher Chakras, Unified Chakra Invocation, Forgiveness Decree, Affirmations, Ascension Chambers, Ascended Masters, Mahatma Energy, Huna Prayers.
For those fully committed to their spiritual path, this workshop contains deep meditations and initiation into the company of the Melchizedek Elders, and merging with Christ Consciousness. Activate your full DNA, and meet your spiritual brothers and sisters.
ATLANTIS (ONE DAY) Register interest
Delve into the fascinating history of Atlantis. We study evidence of its existence and location; the influence of Socrates, Plato, Napolean and Helena Blavatsky,  and how the legend of Atlantis has affected the modern world. Take part in a guided meditation to activate your 12 strand DNA and connect with Dolphin energy.  We also look at the four time cycles and ultimate destruction. Study is made of the Lemurian connection, link with Egypt and sacred geometry, and the influence of extra-terrestrial races. Practical exercises included. A fascinating day.
Beginners (TWO DAYS) Register interest
This workshop gives a grounding in how to understand, use and read the cards. We study the origins of the Tarot, compilation of a pack, card meanings and symbolism. Spreads covered include 3 & 7 cards, and the Celtic Cross. Aimed at the complete beginner for personal use.
Intermediate (TWO DAYS) Register interest
For those with a basic knowledge. Areas covered include the Tarot’s link with other disciplines, namely Astrology, Numerology and Colour. The spiritual pathway of the Tarot is also studied. Aimed at those wishing to read for friends and ‘friends of friends’.
Advanced (TWO DAYS) Register interest
This workshop heightens the awareness and knowledge of the Tarot to a professional level. Emphasis is placed on tuning ‘in’ and ‘out’ of readings, trance reading, linking with a person’s Higher Self, the Qabalah, Tetragrammatons, energy management and code of ethics.
Aimed at those who wish to take their training to the highest level, this workshop studies the alignment of the Major Arcana cards to 22 Ascended Masters and therefore encourages reading at a soul path level. Study is made of who the Masters are and their individual messages, plus how to read at both a practical and spiritual level from the same spread of cards. A must for the Tarot connisseur!
Discover your divine imprint for this lifetime. We look at the whole concept of Astrology, plus the planetary positions and aspects of each individual on the workshop, and how they affect different aspects of your life. A prepared birth chart is included.
Our hands hold a vast amount of information about us as individuals. Learn about the mounts, lines and marks on the palms, together with hand shapes and gestures. An introductory workshop to this intriguing subject.
This workshop is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of  our existence beyond the physical body and conscious mind.  Why are there different states of consciousness and how do we access them?  Discover latent psychic abilities and how to manifest them in your Earthbound life.  Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides, Soul Family and Twin Flame.  What planet or star system does your Soul originate from?  What is the “The Twelve Days of Christmas” rhyme truly about?  And just where is Eternity?