Life Path Readings

Life Path Readings

Your selection of four numbers identifies the energies prevalent around you NOW.  Nothing is random … your soul will show you the lessons which are unique to you.

By following the paths of these numbers on the Tree of Life in your own unique way you enter into dialogue with your Higher Self, so allowing the soul to communicate with your conscious mind.  Discover the colours and Ascended Masters aligned with your path on your ascension journey.

So what is opening up to you right now?  Discover your life lessons and where your true soul mission lies as you journey through the Tree of Life.

Life Path readings available by appointment at Trudy’s home in Durham.  Around 90-120 minutes, cost £45.00.


Please call 07787 419022 for appointments.


My readings are genuine and sincere, and combine the Tarot with natural clairvoyance and clairsentience. However, all readings are for guidance only and are not a substitute for personal responsibility. Even the most genuine of services can be open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Therefore no reading should replace your own free will and judgement. For issues of a legal, medical, financial, business or psychological nature you should contact the appropriate professional. Readings are deemed by law to be for entertainment purposes only. As an ethical reader I will not read for minors or anyone who appears to have mental health issues. I discourage people from having readings too frequently. I will not try to sell you any product or service in the course of your reading. No notes are made, or your personal details passed on to third parties. There is no computer, digital or software input.

I use my own name and photo in my promotional material and do not work under any other name. This is because I am proud of the professional reputation I have earned over the years. I am a member of several professional bodies and adhere to their Codes of Conduct. All my readings are entered into with integrity, honesty and discernment.