Correspondence Courses

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Correspondence courses are available for those unable to travel to Durham for the regular Tarot Workshops at:

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced levels, or for those who simply wish to learn at their own pace.


The 11 lessons include guidance on various aspects of the Tarot – from choosing, energising and storing cards to full divinatory explanations of all 78 cards. The Tarot’s link to Numerology, Astrology and Symbolism is also studied, as is entering into higher states of awareness. Detailed instructions are given on how to shuffle, fan and select cards, and the difference between reading for yourself and someone else.

The aim of the Certificate course is to enable you to gain a basic knowledge of the Tarot and to be able to perform the Celtic Cross for yourself and close associates. On completion of the Certificate Course you are eligible to enrol for the Diploma Course, which raises your knowledge, practice and expertise to a professional standard.


The 9 lessons cover subjects such as Psychic Awareness & Protection, Chakras, Higher Symbolism, Spiritual Path of the Major Arcana, Solar & Lunar Path, Tarot Shorthand, Law of Manifestation, Tree of Life and Tetragrammatons.

Advice is also given on turning professional and setting up a reading practice.

The aim of the Diploma Course is twofold:

  1. To assist in your soul growth by raising awareness of dormant spiritual gifts;
  2. To enable you to reach professional standard and competently read the general public.

On completion of the course a Diploma is issued for display purposes to potential clients to reflect the high level of training you have undertaken.


On enrolment you will receive Lesson One. At the end of each lesson you send in your answers by post or E-Mail, which are then returned to you – marked – with the next lesson.

The answers to the assignments in each lesson are personally appraised by Trudy. This high level of personal attention helps you to monitor your ongoing progress and maintain motivation. Each lesson is planned to build your knowledge, confidence and ability.

If for any reason you do not reach the required standard at any point, you will be advised and given appropriate input to rectify this. In this way any difficulties can be dealt with at the time they arise to ensure successul completion.

Cost: £180 – deposit of £90 and balance of £90 payable with Lesson 6

Deposit & Balance payable by either PayPal or Cheque