CD Tarot Tuition

Tarot Workshop double CD front Tarot CD Tuition
A double CD of personal tuition for home use.

Ideal for beginners or those with minimal knowledge, who wish to read for themselves.
The core meanings of Major & Minor cards are covered in an easy to understand manner  plus practical exercises to assist the reading process.
A simple Three Card Spread & Celtic Cross are demonstrated.

Whilst this double CD cannot replace a full Beginners Workshop of 2 days, it does serve as an invaluable tool for enhancing the home learning process and aligns with the content of my Beginners Tarot Handbook.

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Tarot Poems

A book of seventy eight, four line rhymes for each Tarot card.
A quirky and interesting addition to your Tarot library, and a novel way to familiarise yourself with the individual meanings of the cards.
For beginners and professionals alike.

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Journey with masters thumb

A Journey with the Masters

22 pieces of channelled work including meditation, visualisation and prose. Each carries the energy of a specific Ascended Master. Chapters begin with an introductory page giving alignment of Master to crystal, symbol and Tarot card. It concludes with “The Master’s Path” Tarot spread and an explanation of its use at both divinatory and spiritual levels. A full description of the alignment of Master to Major Arcana card is also given.So whether your interest lies in Ascension, the Masters or the Tarot, this book has something to offer. It is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices.

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Tarot Beginners Handbook

An informative book of 50+ pages aimed at the complete beginner and which complements the Beginners Course.
inc p&p.(UK)

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Tarot Intermediate Handbook

Ideal for those with a basic knowledge of the Tarot who wish to expand their knowledge further.
It links the Tarot with Astrology, Numerology and Colour, and refers to its use as a tool for psychic awareness.
inc p&p.(UK)

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Tarot Advanced Handbook

Subjects studied include the Tarot’s link with the crystal kingdom, the Qabalah, Tetragrammatrons, psychic protection and turning professional.
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