About Trudy


Trudy has studied extensively and gained qualifications in a range of subjects including Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Aura Soma, Angels, Ascension, Flower of Life and Gaiadon Heart. She has been vetted by the British Astrological & Psychic Society and approved as a Consultant Member. She holds Teacher status with both the Diana Cooper School of Angels & Ascension and the Golden Heart Merkabah. She is also Angelic Reiki attuned.

Trudy is the author of three handbooks on the Tarot – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced – in addition to a book of Tarot Poems. Also available on Kindle is “A Journey with the Masters” comprising 22 pieces of channelled meditations, visualisations and poetry. An instructional Tarot double CD is also available.

She runs a meditation group in the Durham area and has produced a number of inspirational Meditation CDs for home use.

Trudy has appeared regularly in the local and national Press, and in the magazine “Bella”. She featured in the Tyne Tees TV programme “I Believe in Angels” and on Magic FM radio.

Her clientele extends beyond the UK to Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, France, Ireland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

Psychic and sensitive by nature, she combines her natural clairsentience with the ability to detect energy fields, thus empowering her to identify issues around you at the time of reading. She specialises in ‘stepping into’ areas of your life and guiding you onwards, focusing on the importance of connecting with your I AM presence.

The aim of Trudy’s readings can thus be seen as illuminating your path in life, enlightening you to current opportunities and/or obstacles, and empowering you to use your free will to make decisions which will best serve you as an individual.

In addition to readings, Trudy runs a number of workshops. Dates are given on Events page. If you are interested in attending any of these please register your interest via the button alongside each workshop. Personal tuition is also available, as is a Tarot correspondence course.

A meditation group is held in Durham on Tuesday evenings. No previous experience necessary. A wide range of topics are covered, but all focus on raising awareness/energy and expanding consciousness.